It all started when…

Colleen was beginning work on Aidan the Wonder Kid Who Could Not Be Stopped and knew almost nothing about self-publishing a children’s book. A mutual friend knew of Colleen’s work and approached her one day. Grabbing Colleen’s arm, she said, “I have this artist friend you HAVE to meet!”.

Originally the plan was just to consult with Dan and get a little insight into the illustration process. But the moment Colleen saw Dan’s work, she knew he had the potential to create the best illustrations she could possibly want, and she hired him the minute she could .

From there, the two formed a dynamic creative partnership and now are in demand for custom work for private clients, while also moving forward on some collaborative work of their own. Stay tuned for the “Pip and the Big Guy” series, coming soon!


Meet Our Partner Artist

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For as long as he can remember, Dan knew he wanted to be an artist. Influenced by Saturday morning cartoons, he would spend hours drawing the silly stories and characters of his imagination. Today, Dan continues to bring stories and characters of all kinds to life, but he has traded in his crayons and markers for paintbrushes and a graphics tablet. When not sketching and painting, Dan enjoys spending time with his wife and two boys, skiing, and watching the Boston Red Sox. Follow Dan’s work on Instagram @DanCarstenIllustration