Colleen Brunetti, M.ed., C.h.C.

Educators are innovators.

About Me

I grew up in the rolling green hills of Vermont, where I spent much of my time devouring books. That love of reading led first to a career as an educator, and later as a writer. From freelance work for clients big and small, to blogging for myself, to publishing finished books… life is meant to be explored with gusto, and the written word is part of how I do that.

I’ll always be an artist at heart. Dance, primarily classical ballet, was my sport, and musical theater makes my soul happy. I love to dabble in crafts, digital arts, and someday I hope to illustrate my own book too. That’s the big dream right now… we’ll see!

On a regular day, I can be found in Connecticut, chasing my two kids, ages four and 12, and figuring out this crazy ride we call life.

“You Can Define a Life you Love!”

“You Can Define a Life you Love!”

About My Work

At the heart of all my work is a single message: You Can Define a Life You Love.

I have a lot of formal education. An undergraduate degree where I triple majored in Special Education, Elementary Education, and Communications. A Masters in Literacy. A Certification as a Health Coach followed later. Countless classes in public speaking and online marketing.

And while each of these accomplishments were hard earned, nothing has taught me quite so much as my real-life experiences have. I’ve been dealt some pretty crazy things in life, from being diagnosed with a life threatening illness (for which I am now a long term survivor), to raising children with special dietary and learning needs, to being thrust into the limelight on stage as an international keynote speaker (something I NEVER thought I’d do!).

Despite being what I thought was pretty book smart, I wasn’t prepared for any of what came my way in the real world. I had to get life smart, and fast. Through it all, I have learned that it doesn’t really matter what life throws at you. It’s how you react that counts. And that is a message that resonates with people of all ages. Thank you for letting me share my work with you!