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Gluten-Free New England is your go-to source for all things Gluten Free! From restaurant directories, to blogs, to incredible Expos, they cover it all. Special thanks to owner Abby Kelly for being a very early supporter of Aidan the Wonder Kid! Follow them on social media to stay up to date: Facebook or Instagram


Fun for All Foods: No one should feel left out. This is the mission and the mantra that compelled them to start making allergy-friendly treats. They were the moms who scrambled to find specialty bakeries or out-there recipes to accommodate the food allergies of their children, friends and family members. they knew there must be an easier way to provide safe, delicious treats, and so Fun for All Foods was born. Top 8 Allergen Free!!

We are thrilled to be a brand ambassador for this innovative mom-owned company! Stay up to date on new products and news via their social media: Facebook or Instagram.